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Holiday Gatherings During COVID-19

There are no documented cases of COVID-19 being contracted from food consumption, but cases have been identified wherein food was served or sold resulting in person-to-person transmission, especially without face coverings. The highest risk of transmission of COVID-19 is being around others without exercising minimum recommended physical distancing or wearing of a face covering, so alternate methods of sharing food like contactless food delivery can reduce your risk of getting or transmitting COVID-19. If hosting a gathering, try to maintain physical distance, wear a face covering that fits securely over the nose and mouth and wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer frequently.

Holiday Gatherings During COVID-19 FoodCoV fact sheet

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To wash your turkey, should you or should you not?

Watch the video to find out the correct answer. 

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What’s the safest way to thaw your turkey?

Watch the video below.

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 Buying and Thawing Your Thanksgiving Turkey >>

Basic Holiday Food Safety 

During the holidays, many people plan and prepare meals to feed more than just their own family. Feeding a crowd can raise the risk of foodborne illness from germs that you can’t see, smell, or taste. Consider these tips on how to safely prepare, cook, and serve meals to keep those at your table safe from foodborne illness.

basic holiday food safety sheet by safe plates

Basic Holiday Food Safety >>

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving dinner turkey and dressing, potatoes and a pumpkin

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