RAFI Farmers of Color Network Fund

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The RAFI Farmers of Color Network Fund is now open!

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I’m reaching out to you because you either filled out an inquiry form, or reached out directly about the 2020 RAFI Farmers of Color Fund.

RAFI Farmers of Color Network Fund provides support to farmers for new and innovative agricultural projects & ideas that will increase farm viability, support community food sovereignty efforts, preserve traditional & cultural farming practices, as well as assist local food economies.

If you have an innovative project that will help you expand your farm and become more sustainable in your operation, don’t hesitate to propose your idea to us! Individual farmers may apply for a maximum of $5,000 and collaborative groups can apply for a maximum of $7,000.

Applications are available at RAFI Farmers of Color Application Link ».

[NOTE] Once you submit the application in the “Survey Monkey” application link/portal above, you cannot retrieve it. I suggest leaving the application open on your computer browser until completed.

However if you can’t complete in one sitting, we also attached a document and copy of the application, for rough draft only. Document >>
Remember you still need to submit online, this is only for drafts but may be helpful in working on the application and returning if you do not plan to complete all at once.

Lastly, remember to send in your project application for the RAFI Farmers of Color funding support by 5 p.m. on Friday, May 1, 2020.

If you have any additional questions or need direct support, feel free to contact Tahz Walker at 919-548-6825 at tahz@rafiusa.org or Laketa Smith at 919.548.8591 or Laketa@rafiusa.org.

FYI…There is another upcoming funding opportunity that is also available from American Farmland Trust, visit American Farmland Trust » for more information. Application deadline April 23.

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