2020 Paraquat Requirements

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NC Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services logo  New Paraquat Requirements – Updated January 2020

• New labeling of paraquat products requires that any person, prior to using paraquat, must be a licensed or certified N.C. Department of Agriculture and & Consumer Services pesticide applicator and MUST SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE THE NEW PARAQUAT TRAINING.
• An applicator CANNOT apply paraquat under the supervision of someone else’s license.
• Training can be accessed online through the “How to Safely Use and Handle Paraquat-Containing Pesticides” Paraquat Training Module: Online Paraquat Training >>
• Training can also be completed in-person through the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service. In-person training will be scheduled on a county-by-county basis; contact your local N.C. Cooperative Extension agent.
• Once completed, the training is good for 3 years.
• Spanish versions (Mexican Spanish and Puerto Rican Spanish) of the online training will be available.
• Paraquat training must be completed individually. Applicators must receive a 100% on the final assessment to obtain a completion certificate.

• Indiimage of paraquat requirements flier including photo of a tractor, and details on accessing paraquat training online, in-person and accommodations for Hispanic version of the training.viduals that complete the online training must print out a copy of their completion certificate for their records. Individuals that attend the in-person training will receive a paper copy of their completion certificate for their records.
• Paraquat training is NOT required to purchase paraquat products but is MANDATORY for all paraquat use activities (including mixing, loading, application, transportation, storage, disposal, cleaning pesticide equipment, etc.).
• Previously purchased paraquat products that do not include the new training requirement on the label can be used WITHOUT completing the online training.