Where Farm and City Meet

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By: Pat Walker, Franklin County Farmers Market Manager

On oimage of the Franklin County Farmers Market logour great big wonderful planet there are many wonders. The farm being one of the wonders of all. It seems as if all the factors of life start there. The earth’s soil that nurtures the plants that produces the produce we feed on for life. Rays from the sun generate warmth that makes the seeds open and the leaves from the plants reach out trying to touch the sky. Rain seems to have a sweeter smell on agricultural land. Children grow up with all sizes of pets. Their gym is the pasture land where the hurdles they jump are the creeks running through.

The work is hard but very rewarding and makes the young and old rest really well at night. Sounds you hear are of the livestock as they graze in the cool of the night. No worries about if you set the alarm clock. Just as sure as the sun will rise the rooster is going to crow. Off to work the family goes, some on the family farm others to the city.

Where farm and city meet. There the shopkeepers polish the windows and fill the shelves with the products grown and harvested from the farm. Rain hits the concrete and paved streets that lead the way to the stores. The sun seems hotter in town and soil is in much smaller plots. Children play in parks and as cousins visit together they say I am a country kid or a city kid and each are wonderful. They work well working together. Let us give thanks during this month of Thanksgiving for the farmer and the store keepers and support them as a team. Many thanks to all for supporting your local farmers market where the two come together, farm and city. For more information about the Franklin County Farmers Market, contact Pat Walker, pwalker@franklincountync.us or 919-496-3344.

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Updated on Nov 19, 2019
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