Farm to Table

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BY: Pat Walker, Franklin County Farmers’ Market Manager 

Pulling up to the Farmers’ Market shelter in the early morning brings to mind looking at the start of a painting. Lights flicker on and signs fold out. Each vendor has their favorite spot. One by one they start setting up and the shelter takes on their special signature.

Crisp, leafy greens from the early morning harvest look like they are so fresh they are still growing. Red, ripe tomatoes are placed one by one as if they are a showpiece. Jars of pickles are from a family secret recipe. Jams and jellies that show how to save the fruits of the season and store them for winter. These bring up conversations between the grower and the shoppers. One of the most heard statements is “That’s the way my Grandma fixed those.” Children look for the big strawberry in the jar of preserves and that puts a smile on everyone’s faces. The farmers talk about the weather to one another; when it’s supposed to rain or frost. Customers ask where the vegetables were grown. Proudly, the farmer at the Franklin County Farmers’ Market can say “Right here in Franklin County.”

Each market day there are customers who faithfully support the local farmers and then the newcomers who are checking everything out. Some have never planted or harvested a crop, others used to farm. Something they all have in common is the love of fresh veggies and respect for the hard work and knowledge it takes to provide such beautiful produce. As they load up to leave each farmer checks on the other to see if they have anything that another farmer may need. One by one they pull out to go back to work on the crop they will be gathering from on the next market day.

Once again, the farmer will come to town and the town folks will come to the Farmers’ Market. Put a smile on a local farmer’s face and visit the Franklin County Farmer’s Market located in Shannon Village Shopping Center, Louisburg. Open Tuesday, Friday at 9 a.m. and Saturday at 8 a.m. until sold out.

Many thanks for supporting your local Farmers.