Need Gardening Advice? Smartphone App That Helps You Garden

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Smartphone App That Helps You Garden

During these uncertain times that have challenged our community, and exposed the vulnerabilities of our society, people see the need for self-sufficiency. One of the most important aspects of self-sufficiency is producing your own food, so people want to start their own gardens. But starting your first garden has its challenges. Beginning farmers wonder, When do I plant? What do I plant? How far apart do I plant it?

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That is why the SOW App was created. SOW- A Planting Companion was developed through a cooperation between North Carolina A&T Cooperative Extension, and Alabama Cooperative Extension. The SOW App is described by Google play as an “app is designed to tell you the optimum time to plant each crop in your home garden”. The app also provides information on days to harvest, estimated yield per plant, plant spacing, planting depth, and suggested varieties.

The SOW App can be installed to your smartphone from the the links below:

Google Play Store >>

The Apple App store:

Apple App Store >>

For more information, contact William Landis, or 919-496-3344.