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Franklin Friends of Horticulture is a home gardening program offered by the N.C.Image of flyer for Franklin County Friends of Horticulture Extension Gardener Workshop series with days, time, location and registration info. Cooperative Extension, Franklin County Center that will feature monthly classes, as well as offsite field trips to area points of interest. Based on practical information you can trust, the program is designed for anyone wishing to learn more about environmentally sustainable, science-based gardening. Topics that will be covered include building healthy soils, blueberry & small fruit production, starting vegetables & flowers from safe, sustainable lawn care practices, plant identification, and many more! Field trips will also be offered to regional gardening points of interest. You can choose which classes/field trips you would like to attend.

Classes will require a registration fee. Classes will be taught by Colby Griffin, Franklin County Horticulture Agent, NC State Extension specialists, and will be held in the Annex of the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Franklin County Center. Classes may also take place at local farms for hands-on demonstrations.

Online registration is available: Register >>.

Detailed course syllabus: Syllabus >>

or email Colby Griffin Colby Griffin >>  or contact 919-496-3344.

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