Farm Bureau Hurricane Relief – Pasture Renovation/Cover Crop Seed Initiative

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Franklin County pasture owners,

Franklin County is listed in this disaster program for pasture assistance, with a quick turnaround sign-up for free seed. If you were affected by the hurricanes, take advantage of it. Call N.C. Cooperative Extension of Franklin County if you have questions, 919-496-3344

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The N.C. Farm Bureau Hurricane Relief Fund – Pasture Renovation & Cover Crop Seed Initiative will be managed by the N.C. Foundation for Soil and Water Conservation. The program will directly disperse seed to livestock and crop farmers that had fields damaged.

The Pasture Renovation and Cover Crop Seed Initiative program will put some of the funds donated to the N.C. Farm Bureau Hurricane Relief Fund to direct use helping farmers in the next few weeks. Producers will fill out an application on-line or can drop off an application at their county extension office. The application form will be available on the Foundation website.

Producers are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, and a decision on awarding seed will be made each week until the funds are expended. Seed will be available as early as next week, so apply now if you have damaged pastures or cropland that needs a cover crop planted to reduce erosion or to grow winter feed for livestock. Details on the program and the application can be found at NC Foundation for Soil and Water Conservation, 919-510-4599.