Selling Fun on the Farm

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Farming can be challenging. The labor involved in an agricultural enterprise is a big part of that, but even more so are the business skills that deal with making an agricultural enterprise profitable. Making a profit is tougher in today’s volatile economic environment, and farmers are looking for a way to improve their bottom line. One way that farms are doing this is with “agritourism.” Agritourism is “the recreational activities on farms and in other types of agricultural settings, but is often used interchangeably with similar terms including agricultural tourism, farm tourism, agritainment, and farm visits.” Some examples of agritourism include bed and breakfast, educational farm visits, corn mazes, haunted attractions, etc.

Many farmers have cited agritourism as a way of improving the profitability of their operations and diversifying their enterprises. It also serves as a way to educate the public about agriculture and helps the community to become better acquainted with your operation. If you do have some sort of agritourist attraction, there is a way to promote. With the support of the Kerr-Tar Regional Council of governments you can sign up to be on the Visit NC Farms App” The Visit NC Farms App, is a smartphone application that will promote NC agritourist attractions throughout North Carolina.

Learn more about the smartphone app., and then apply to be listed on the app by filling out this survey. Once completed, take it to your local N.C. Cooperative Extension office.