Give Your Child a Health and Academic Advantage With a School Grant

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Make a quick list of the top five things that matter to you the most for your child’s life. Was their health on the list? How about their performance in school?

It’s natural to prioritize the things that help set children up for a successful future. And the link between physical health and academic success is a strong one. So, what if you could do something to help ensure your kids and their peers are getting what they need to succeed?

You can: Our Parents for Healthy Kids grants allow families to introduce new nutrition and physical activity initiatives and opportunities to their schools. Ready to finally build that school garden? Have ideas to get kids to try more fruits and veggies at school? Want to ensure your kids get 20 minutes of daily recess? Thanks to our sponsors, grants up to $1,000 are available for parents and parent groups (such as PTAs/PTOs) at K12 schools to implement programs that engage families in student health.

Get more information about the grants, such as eligibility, application process, and more, and make sure you apply by April 6, 2018. Now’s your chance to make your mark on student health, so don’t miss out!

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