NC Farm School: An Educational Value for New and Transitioning Farmers

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the Eastern Piedmont NC Farm School for new and transitioning farmers in Franklin, Nash, Wake, and Warren Counties as well as surrounding areas! The program was developed to provide a resource to the numerous people visiting the local Cooperative Extension offices seeking help to grow crops, raise livestock, sell to local markets, handle employees, learn regulations, follow restrictions and generate revenues. The NC Farm School is not like any other program offered in the state! Nowhere else can you learn from specialists and current farmers about budgeting skills, marketing expertise, and record keeping. Participants even get to visit local farms in supporting counties to see how these farms operate. It is the best combination to teach business and production while helping to ensure the success of students who attend. Kelly Connor, a graduate of NC Farm School in the Southern Piedmont, stated, “It would have taken my brothers and I at least 20 years to get the information and education we have received in the short time attending NC Farm School. This program is worth more than double the price.” If you are interested in attending the Eastern Piedmont NC Farm School, or want to hear more testimonies from farmers who attended the NC Farm Schools, visit the NC Farm School website, or your local N.C. Cooperative Extension office for more information on how to apply.