Certified Safe Farm of North Carolina Program Is Here!

— Written By and last updated by Margaret Green

Agents in the County are now trained to conduct “Certified Safe Farm Trainings” for you, the farmer and livestock operator. The program is designed to save lives, improve health, and lower costs on NC farms. Also, cost-share money will be available to assist with improving your farming operation, ie., new tractor tires, better corral design equipment, chemical storage, etc. to promote safety. Those participating in the program will also be given a “Certified Safe Farm” metal sign to display at the entrance of there farms! Give us a call, 919-496-3344 if you would like to have a free farm safety audit conducted on your farm.

The four components of the program are: 1). Schedule an on-farm safety review w/ Extension, 2). Schedule an agrisafe occupational wellness and personal protective equipment review, 3). Make recommended occupational safety and wellness changes, and 4). Proudly display your “Certified Safe Farm” sign!