EAT Local!

— Written By Margaret Green

Martha Mobley

Agricultural Extension Agent, Franklin County

 Are you interested in being healthy? In community wellness? In supporting your local economy? Are you a foodie? A gardener? Do you want to know your farmer? Do you dine out for fun? Are you interested in ONE easy way to keep track of how you’re doing supporting your body, your community, and your local economy all at once? Sign up for the NC 10 Percent Campaign and get started!

 Campaign, is an
 initiative of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems
 that asks shoppers
set a weekly goal of spending ten
percent of
grocery budget
on food grown, caught, or produced in North Carolina.

can ‘pledge’
 by signing up at:  In addition to a system that tracks your progress for you and shows you the state-wide impact of local foods purchasing, the website is also a great place to find restaurants, farmers markets, farmers, and grocery stores that have pledged to support local farmers and fishers. You’ll find a searchable map of locations where you can go to buy your local goods. If you are looking for Franklin County food, go to and find a local food source. The Franklin County Farmers Market is another great source of local foods along with many Farmers Markets in the area.

To date, the Campaign has 6953 individual members and 915 business partners who have spent over $59 million on local foods. Join now and be a part of the solution for creating jobs and improving health in Franklin County and around the state.

This simple, fun Campaign is a perfect way to start the spring season supporting your health and the health of North Carolina’s farms and communities. Sign up today and commit to doing your part each week to make North Carolina a stronger state.