Pest Alert: Japanese Beetles / June Bugs Have Been Spotted!!

— Written By N.C. Cooperative Extension image

Although Japanese Beetles may emerge as early as May, mid to late June is the optimal time for emergence with peek feeding time and adult abundance beginning late June or early July. Japanese beetles will attack a wide variety of plants including trees, shrubs, flowers, small fruits, garden crops, and weeds. They consume the upper leaf surface eating leaf tissue between veins giving plant leaves a lacy appearance. These beetles especially love roses, crape myrtles, and grapes and will generally consume entire flower petals. Plants that are stressed will be impacted more due to pheromones released to attract insects. Make sure you keep your plants happy and healthy by providing plenty of water, fertilizer, and pruning of dead plant parts. Management includes shaking beetles off plants each morning, using insecticides containing carbaryl, malathion, or imidacloprid, and planting varieties more tolerant or less preferred by the insect. Remember, if you decide to use chemical measures, make sure you read and follow the application recommendations on the label. For more information, please contact the Cooperative Extension Office at 919.496.3344. Be sure to like us on Facebook to stay up to date on all things Cooperative Extension!!